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For those in the exploratory phase of dealerships for sale

Our consulting services might be a good option if you are in the exploratory phase of auto dealership selling or purchasing. If you wish to buy a car dealership or place your new car dealership for sale, we offer professional consulting services to help you determine if this is the right move for you.

If you are considering placing your dealerships for sale, we can help you with an industry valuation. Unlike some auto dealer brokers who offer this service, we don’t adhere to a rigid system for finding your valuation because no two auto dealerships are the same. Instead Pinnacle uses tested but fluid business methodologies to come up with your competitive market analysis.

If you are looking to buy a new car dealership, but are unsure about what all it entails, we can consult with you on what you need to have in place to qualify for the purchase, and what metrics you should consider when evaluating a new car dealership for sale.

Now may be the best time for you to buy a car dealership or place your new car dealership for sale. Our consulting services can help you determine next steps.

Please note, our consulting services are fee-based, but we are happy to discuss your needs on a free initial call. Phone (972) 539-6113 for a confidential consultation.

Find out why Pinnacle is the right auto dealership broker for you

Pinnacle Mergers & Acquisitions has decades of experience facilitating successful sell side and buy side auto dealership brokerage transactions. The depth and breadth of our knowledge as intermediaries for those who want to buy a car dealership or place a new car dealership for sale is unparalleled in the industry.

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